Samvedana Divyang Industrial Traning Institute

Dear divyang (disabled) students, We want to make sure that you are aware of the incredible opportunities available to you at I.T.I. (Industrial Training Institute). By enrolling here, not only you can receive top-notch education, but you can also gain access to government job opportunities and secured loans for starting your own business. Our institution is dedicated to providing quality education and fostering a supportive environment for disabled individuals. Our organization's sole mission is to empower people with disabilities, and we encourage you to reach out to us promptly to seize these life-changing opportunities. Enrolling disabled students who have successfully completed their 10th grade education in the Samvedana Disability Industrial Training Center Harangul (B.) Latur can empower unemployed persons with disabilities. It will greatly enhance their prospects for gainful employment. This center offers a range of valuable Industrial Training (ITI) trade programs designed to equip disabled students with essential skills. The ITI trades are:

1. Main Entrance

2. Beautification of Campus

3. DG Set

4. Principal Room, Receptionist, Admininstrative Hall, Office

5. Electrician:

The electrician program will equip students with the knowledge and skills to work with electrical systems and installations. This vital trade opens doors to careers in construction, maintenance, and repair of electrical infrastructure. By enrolling in one of these ITI trade programs at Samvedana Disability Industrial Training Center Harangul (B.) Latur, disabled students will not only gain valuable skills but it will also increase their chances of securing meaningful employment opportunities. This initiative not only benefits the students themselves but also contributes to the overall development and inclusivity of our society.

6. Electronics Mechanic:

In this program, students will gain hands-on experience in repairing and maintaining electronic equipment and systems. This skill set is in high demand across various industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, and consumer electronics.

7.Dress Making:

The dress making program imparts expertise in the art of creating garments. Graduates will be equipped to work in the fashion industry, whether it's sewing customized clothing or contributing to large-scale apparel manufacturing.

8. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant:

This course provides students with the technical proficiency needed to excel in computer-related tasks, from operating systems to programming. Graduates of this program will be well-prepared for roles in data entry, office management, and software development.

9. IT Lab

10. Engineering Drawing Room

11. Reading Room

12. Placement Cell

13. Class Rooms

14. Auditorium Hall

15. Canteen

16. Drinking Water

17. Toilet

18. Parking And College Bus

19. Lift

Contact Us

Samvedana Divyang Industrial Traning Institute,
Lakshmi Nagar,Near Barad Vasti
Harangul(B) Latur
Parameshwara Sonwane:
(For Admission 9527250945)
Dr Yogesh Niturkar: 9890821793
Email :

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