Speech Therapy

There may be many kinds of speech defects, and each one may be owing to a different reason. Delayed speech and language development are commonly spotted problems. Besides, there can be speech defects owing to an injury, or some medical condition like cerebral palsy or cleft palate. Since speech and language is the most instrumental power that keeps us connected to the world, it is all the more important to curb any disorders, to the best possible extent.

We are equipped with latest technology and software which helps in therapy sessions enabling them to practice in a playful environment where children can enjoy their learning sessions.

The therapies involve use of latest software that helps the child develop normal speech habits and a positive attitude towards vocal communication. The experienced therapists work at removing a child’s fear of stammering and maintaining fluency in speech.

आप दिव्यांगों को अलग नजर से न देखें,
हमेशा सहाय्यता, ओर सहानुभूति देकर उनका निम्न मुल्यांकन न करें।

उन्हें समान अवसर देकर उनकी प्रतिभा को अंकुरित एवं विकसित होने दें।