The formal inauguration of this project was done on 22/06/2016 by Hon. Dr. Kamleshji Pandey(Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disability, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment,Govt. of India). Other invited guests for the inaugural program were Mr. Navneet Kumar (Program Officer, The National Trust, New Delhi) Mr. Sambhajirao Patil Nilangekar (MLA) Mr. Baswaraj Patil(MLA), Dr. Ravindra Satalkar (President of Jankalyan Samiti) Dr. Ashok Kukade (Senior Surgeon) Adv. Chitade (President, Sanvedana Project), Mr. Suresh Patil (Secretary, Sanvedana Project) and other attendants were parents of divyangjans & villagers. The total audience for this inaugural function was 250. During the inaugural speech the chief commissioner addressed that this GHARONDA project will be beneficial above 18 years of intellectually disabled persons from rural area for the sake of vocational training purpose. The intellectually disabled persons are under privileged & socially neglected ones & therefore this project will help them to bring into mainstream. All parents of intellectually disabled persons should approach this project for maximum development of their divyang. Mr. Navneet Kumar (Program Officer, The National Trust, New Delhi) briefed the audience about ten schemes of The National Trust & assured full cooperation plus assistance for the implementation of the said schemes.

Activities at GHARONDA centre:

15/08/17 : Celebration of independence day in the presence of Mr. Yeshwant Gargate (Former Military man), Mr. Anwar Patel (Principal, District School) and Mr. Kisanrao Khobare(respectful person from the village). All divyangjans whole heartedly participated in the celebration of independence day. After the celebration, sweets were distributed to all divyangjans.
3/9/2016 ते 12/9/2016 : In the presence of Mr. Subhash Shinde, Mr. Kisan Khobare & Mr. Eknath Khobare Ganesh festival was conducted.
1/10/2016 Visit of Mr. Nandkumar Phule (CEO, Apang Vitt Vikas Mahamandal, Maharashtra).
6/10/2016 On the occasion on IACP’s National CP day & World CP day, CP awareness program was organized. It was attended by 80-100 villagers including Mr. Bhoslae, Principal, Maharashtra Vidyalaya & other teachers from the school. General information on CP was given by Mr. Suresh Patil (Secretary, Sanvedana Project).During diwali vacation, divyangjan sold marigold flowers that were raised in the centre.
12/11/2016 Picnic of all divyangjan at Antroli, Dist. Solapur
16/11/2016 Inspection by Mrs. Rupali R. Chaugule, Tehsildar, Collector Office, Latur
16,17,18/11/16 : Workshop for Staff from Jankalyan Nivasi Vidyalaya, Harangul (Bu), Latur was organized. Mr. Sharadbhau Khadilkar (Sanghatanmantri, Jankalyan Samiti) guided the attendants.
2/12/2016 On the occasion of World Disability Day (3 December) plantation was done in the centre. The program was attended by 150 people & well known figures from the village, to name few of them were Dr. Mashalkar, Mr. Balaji Jadhav & Mr. Sagar Karanje.
28/12/2016 : On the occasion of vel amavasaya (local traditional festival of worshipping mother earth) get together of divyangjans their family members, project committee members, staff ofGHARONDA centre was organized.
28/01/2017 : Mr. Nitin Patil (Commissioner, Dept of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities,Maharashtra) visited the centre & applauded the work done for the divyangjans.
29/01/2017 : Jankalyan Samiti & RSS members form Pune & Mumbai visited the centre.
28/02/2017 Visit of Prof. Balasaheb Chauhan & NSS students from Dayanand College,Latur.
08/03/2017 Visit of members from zhilla parishad & Panchayat samiti
Future Plan : In view of demand of the farmers in the surrounding area of Latur we are planning to start floral, fruits & other plant nursery project in the centre. For the implementation of this nursery we are approaching donors for shed net & solar unit. This nursery will help divyangjan to be independent with less financial resources.

आप दिव्यांगों को अलग नजर से न देखें,
हमेशा सहाय्यता, ओर सहानुभूति देकर उनका निम्न मुल्यांकन न करें।

उन्हें समान अवसर देकर उनकी प्रतिभा को अंकुरित एवं विकसित होने दें।