Neuro Development

The Neurodevelopment and Disability team at the Samvedana ,Latur are specialists with a range of expertise who promote the highest standards of care for children with developmental disabilities and their families. We provide care for children with: developmental concerns; cerebral palsy; intellectual disability; autism spectrum disorder; spina bifida and other developmental and long-term disabilities. Services provided include: assessment, management, consultation, liaison / outreach, early intervention services (Early Childhood Intervention Services ) advocacy, education and research. We work closely with metropolitan and regional professionals and organisations, utilising a shared care model, to provide best care closest to home.

Our Neurodevelopmental program evaluates and cares for children with conditions related to the development of the nervous system, including the brain. We specialize in the care of children with special needs, and tailor our services to your child and family. We work to maximize the lifelong potential of children and families affected by neurodevelopmental and behavioral conditions through collaboration, compassionate medical care, advocacy, education and research.

Our team of doctors, nurses, social workers, dietitians, and physical and occupational therapists understands that your child's well-being affects your entire family. We take into account your family's priorities and concerns, as well as those of your child's doctor, schools and community services, when planning your child's care. We work closely with providers in the community to ensure that your child's care is well coordinated, community-oriented and family-centered.

आप दिव्यांगों को अलग नजर से न देखें,
हमेशा सहाय्यता, ओर सहानुभूति देकर उनका निम्न मुल्यांकन न करें।

उन्हें समान अवसर देकर उनकी प्रतिभा को अंकुरित एवं विकसित होने दें।