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About Samvedana

RSS’s Jankalyan Samiti works on the motto of ‘service to humanity is service to God.’ The Samiti is working in the field of value based education, independency, agriculture, health sector, disaster management & Purvanchal Development. In view of the severity of disability & the RSS motto, in 2006 Samiti has started Sanvedana project in the industrial area of Latur. In 2017 Sanvedana has shifted into its own newly constructed building at Harangul.

In this new building all facilities are provided in 1 acre of land with special emphasis on having ramps & railings everywhere for ease of movement of the handicapped. The new building has modern infrastructure & equipments for providing best of the therapies & vocational training.The new spacious building consists of 10 classrooms (1 class for each 8 students) specially designed washrooms & bathrooms between two classrooms. There is provision for a spacious dining hall & kitchen, swimming pool, function hall having capacity to accommodate 500 people & open space for other activities. There are separate rooms for clinical examination & therapy. There are 4 school vans for transportation of children.
Intellectual disability (ID) is having impaired intelligence resulting in to reduced ability to cope independently (impaired social functioning), and begins before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development. ID is the most neglected part of the society. The whole family gets affected because of one disabled person within the family. Disability not only depends on child’s health status or any impairment but also on the extent to which environmental factors support the child’s full participation and inclusion in society.

The cause behind ID is injury to the immature & developing brain of the neonate either before, during or after delivery. Birth asphyxia leads to a life-long & permanent injury to brain resulting into mental, physical, motor & sensory impairment (voluntary & involuntary movement, intellect, behaviour, emotions, sensations, poor speech, lack of control over bowel & bladder habits, stiffness, delayed development etc.) In view of the depth of overall impairment in various functioning of the disabled child it becomes cumbersome & painful for parents to take care of such children.
Sanvedana through its various initiatives provides various therapies (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Music Therapy, Speech Therapy & Play Therapy), Orthopedic surgery & assistance.

We organize counseling sessions & provide training for parents so that they can take follow up & apply therapy as per advised by the specialist. We organize parental meeting in three formats i.e. common, group & individual meeting in order to guide & counsel parents for the upbringing of their disabled child. We have made a special provision of department for the parental counseling & training.

The efforts taken by Sanvedana team (Special educators, Medical Professionals & various therapists) & the training imparted to parents of disabled children helps in reducing the intensity of disability & its consequences.

We also train disabled children in activities of daily living (ADL) & there is provision of vocational training to make them independent & self reliant.
Sanvedana provides physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and special education to Cerebral palsy children under one roof. This project is a training centre based on family pattern. The development with entail modern technique and devices. There is no such centre near by districts Beed, Nanded and Osmanabad. The people in Karnataka close – by will also be benefited. This project is supported by R.S.S Janakalyan Samiti, Pune and the Vivekanand Medical Foundation, Latur. Vivekanand hospital offered its own building for use of this project and medical assistance is also provided by the hospital, whenever required.

आम्हीसुद्धा याच मातीतील मुलं..
याच निसर्गातली फुल..
तरी उभं राहता राहता..
नियती आमच्यावर का रुसावी ?

आत्मविश्वासानं सांगतो आम्ही..
संघर्ष करू जीवनाशी..
संवेदना आहे पाठीशी..
झेप घेऊ आकाशी..


आप दिव्यांगों को अलग नजर से न देखें,
हमेशा सहाय्यता, ओर सहानुभूति देकर उनका निम्न मुल्यांकन न करें।

उन्हें समान अवसर देकर उनकी प्रतिभा को अंकुरित एवं विकसित होने दें।